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Worldwide Marriage Encounter®

Living the WWME lifestyle


On our Weekend we learned a new lifestyle, maybe even a somewhat radical lifestyle, that is God's desire for our sacrament. It involves sharing our innermost self with our spouse through the communication technique we learned, called "dialogue". This 20 minutes we give of ourselves to our spouse each and every day, is the most precious gift we can give.

But no one ever said it was going to be easy. There are many stumbling blocks, and excuses that we use when we fall short of living up to our commitment. One of those excuses may be that "I can't think of a question". There are questions everywhere (if you really think about it), including the WWME calendar, this Website, and even your original Weekend notebook (did you ever think about dialoging again on some of the questions given on your Weekend?).

We'll help by providing you with a set of random questions! How about making an offer to another dialoguing couple, to be a source for 'the question of the day" when either of you gets stuck thinking of a question?

If you are involved in a Community or Share Group, we've also included some guidelines for sharing. They're fairly straight forward and simple. And for those of us who need a little reminder once in a while, we've included the WWME guidelines for "fighting fair."


The mission of Worldwide Marriage Encounter is to proclaim the value of Marriage and Holy Orders in the Church and in the world.


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Weekend Status
Apr 20-22, 2018 [ Kettering, OH ] Open
Jun 8-10, 2018 [ Taylor Mill, KY ] Open
Sep 21-23, 2018 [ LEXINGTON, KY ] Open
Oct 19-21, 2018 [ Cincinnati, OH ] Open
Nov 2-4, 2018 [ MARIA STEIN, OH ] Open
Weekend Status
Jul 13-15, 2018 [ NEW ALBANY, OH ] Open
Sep 14-16, 2018 [ COLUMBUS, OH ] Open
Weekend Status
Apr 27-29, 2018 [ TROY, MI ] Open
Aug 17-19, 2018 [ NOVI, MI ] Open
Sep 28-30, 2018 [ TROY, MI ] Open
Nov 2-4, 2018 [ WAYNE, MI ] Open
Weekend Status
May 4-6, 2018 [ RICHFIELD, OH ] Open
Nov 9-11, 2018 [ Streetsboro, OH ] Open
Weekend Status
Mar 16-18, 2018 [ EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MI ] Open
Apr 13-15, 2018 [ Holly, MI ] Open
Oct 5-7, 2018 [ Petoskey, MI ] Open
Nov 2-4, 2018 [ Saginaw, MI ] Open
Weekend Status
Apr 27-29, 2018 [ Indianapolis, IN ] Open
Aug 17-19, 2018 [ Mt St Francis, IN ] Open
Oct 19-21, 2018 [ Indianapolis, IN ] Open
Apr 26-28, 2019 [ Indianapolis, IN ] Open
Weekend Status
Apr 20-22, 2018 [ Fort Wayne, IN ] Open
Nov 2-4, 2018 [ FORT WAYNE, IN ] Open
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-John 13:34-35

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.